RSS Links

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Jun 10 19:15:16 UTC 2010

> Is there a command line utility that will handle RSS links?

In addition to Jos's suggestions, I maintain a list of 
console-apps that include multiple RSS readers (Jos's suggestions 
of SnowNews and newsbeuter are on the list with links to their 
home-pages), there's also Raggle and NRSS for reading RSS feeds 
from the console (I also include Google Reader if you've got an 
accessible browser, but you mention using L Y N X which doesn't 
cut it for using Google Reader, IMHO)

You can find my list at

Additionally you might be interested in the "hpodder" pod-catcher 
(linked from that same page) that allows you to download podcasts 
via the command-line.

Hope this helps,


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