question of current linux distributions for the blind

Jason White jason at
Mon Sep 27 00:52:49 UTC 2010

"Brian Olesen" <brian at> writes:

> I want to ask you to include the following considerations, when deciding
> what distribution you would recommend.
> 1. I'd like speech during the installation from the build in on borad sound
> device, if possible. I guess it's some sort of a realtech cmedia chip or
> alike.
> 2. the main purpose of this installation will be a web server.
> 3. It must be a relative simple to maintain, update, and manage system.

Grml has the advantage of not being specifically designed for users who
are blind, i.e., it's a more general-purpose distribution, while having
excellent built-in accessibility. This includes Speakup and BRLTTY for
speech and braille, respectively, all available by specifying options
during the boot process.

Once it has booted, you can use it as a live CD and then install Debian
from it onto a hard drive, with whatever packages you wish.

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