Ok, I give up, another distro?

mattias mj at mjw.se
Mon Jan 10 23:00:24 UTC 2011

kristoffer i run squeeze on this laptop
no mouse click on login screen
orca start just fine and let me select account


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Subject: Ok, I give up, another distro?

Now I've tried the latest build of squeze too, and still the same problem
with the graphical screen.
I've heard that in the latest gnomes there must be a mouse cclick in order
to log in.
Can this be the problem?
It can't be my graphics card. I thought so because I changed it some days
Because the gnome in lenny works, but there are too much old packages in
No current ones at all.
Is there any other good distribution I can try, that has a braillefied
installer, and gnome with orca?
I need speakup as well.
I know about fedora, but if you want to run that you have to download very
large dvd images.
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