mixed questions. Debian, suse, speakup

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I too find Orca to be most unstable, and would dearly love to find a 
viable alternative.

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On Fri, 28 Jan 2011, mattias wrote:

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> Subject: RE: mixed questions. Debian, suse, speakup
> i can only talk for gnome-orca in suse
> verry unstable
>  _____
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> Subject: mixed questions. Debian, suse, speakup
> Hi.
> Well, I've got some questions.
> Let's start with debian.
> I'm planning to connect a serial braille display to my computer.
> But it was so long I installed debian using a serial display, so I've
> forgotten how to do.
> Can you tell me how it shall be done?
> Then the suse questions.
> How is it to install suse now when the new release 11.3 has came out?
> I've not installed suse in many years, and at that time it wasn't accessible
> to install it.
> Is it accessible now with  suse blinux?
> Then I want to install speakup into it. Is it included in the kernel as in
> debian, or do I need to make a new kernèl?
> And the last question. How is it with orca? Do I install it manually ir is
> it included in gnome?
> /Kristoffer
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