Announce: Speech synthesis engines in Arch Linux AUR

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Wed Mar 9 18:26:36 UTC 2011

This is to inform anyone using Arch Linux who accesses the AUR that I am 
maintaining package builds for SVox Pico and for the development version 
of eSpeak. The SVox Pico build can be found at
and the latest eSpeak test build, currently 1.44.40 at the time of this 
post can be found at
Or if you use an AUR helper, just look for espeak-test and 
svox-pico-git. The espeak-test package will seamlessly replace the 
espeak package currently on your system, and if you use 
speech-dispatcher-git, it can be rebuilt to include SVox Pico support 
once svox-pico-git has been built and installed.

I would appreciate any feedback on the package builds, but I recommend 
that bugs in the speech engines themselves be reported upstream. Thanks 
for any comments, suggestions and/or votes.

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