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I would connect them both via ethernet. They should both be able to use the
same internet connection without additional cost... though you'll need an
ethernet switch (~$25.00).
On Sep 5, 2011 12:55 PM, "RiverWind" <riverwind at> wrote:
> Hey There,
> I have two computers, a DOS and a Linux box. Now then, I am wanting
> to access my Linux box via my DOS box. I would ultimately like to
> use my Linux box as my sole ISP. I do not believe that using my
> modem in order to dial up my Linux machine would work, but I also
> know that there is such a thing as a "NUL" modem cable???
> How would you good gentles go about putting such a plan as mine
> into action? In other words, how would you go about accessing a
> Linux machine with a DOS system? Is there any special software?
> Would I have to use a USB port? If I am not mistaken, DOS doesn't
> work with USB ports??? Even more desirable would be the ability to
> use the terminal emulator "Commo" as my means of establishing
> contact between the respective systems.
> I would appreciate any and all advice I can get regarding this
> matter, so that I won't need to pay for an ISP when I already have
> one. Thanks so much in advance.
> cheerio,
> Riv
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