Best (and worst)( distros for software development

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Mon Aug 6 03:43:10 UTC 2012

I tried archlinux most recent talking version.  The install talked 
nicely but after reboot nothing talks at all.  There is much discussion 
about the lack of quality in both the beginners guide and the 
installation guide on the arch wiki in the arch-general mailing list 
now.  Difficulties installing grub2 are the main focus and most of that 
discussion is from people who don't install the talking version of 
The archlinux is young for now which means maybe it has packages people 
need to use for development and maybe not.  People ought to check out 
the aur before making that decision and see if 
packages they need are there if they don't find them in the regular 
package repositories.  If the right kind of oar is available for a 
rowboat, then that may be the rowboat for you.  For now, I wouldn't 
choose archlinux for a development platform because I cannot install the 
current version over here and get it talking after reboot but that's the 
only reason I wouldn't choose archlinux as a development platform.  I go 
with debian for now because I can get that to install and regular 
repositories as well as contrib and nonfree have the deepest bench in 
terms of packages in the Linux community of offerings.

On Sun, 5 Aug 2012, Kyle wrote:

> Just my opinion, but the best distro I have found, especially for software development, but for nearly all other uses as well, is Arch Linux. The live install image gives you a very basic command line environment from which you perform the base installation using standard partitioning and other tools and simple install scripts. During the installation procedure, you will want to install the base-devel package group. After you have installed the basic Arch Linux system, you have a very clean and minimal Linux that you can easily tailor to your own unique needs using a very simple and straight-forward package manager. There is also the Arch User Repository (AUR), which is a searchable database of package build files that will allow people to search for, download and install any software you develop. You can find the official Arch Linux install image at
> and a slightly modified talking install image with eSpeak and Speakup activated on boot can be found at
> Happy hacking.
> ~Kyle
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