grub update on arch

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Mon Aug 6 17:09:48 UTC 2012

The commands you posted look like they come straight from the documentation, so they should work. Just don't forget the mv and the dd at the beginning, and you will have a backup of your existing install that you can restore with the mv, cp and dd at the end.

On a related note, unless you need specific features or functionality that only GRUB2 can provide, you may have an easier time with Syslinux. There apparently have been issues making GRUB 2.x work properly, and as you can see from the docs, it is a very complicated system, and may even require repartitioning to make it work. Syslinux has no such requirement for writing its boot code, and is as easy to install as

syslinux -im

assuming of course that the partition where /boot is stored is already bootable. If not, you can set the bootable flag in your favorite partition tool or install syslinux with

syslinux -iam

The configuration is also much more straight-forward, looking more like something between GRUB 0.9x and lilo. However, unlikethese, syslinnux supports newer filesystems and is still maintained. Syslinux also has a Windows chainloader, so that functionality is covered as well. Hope this helps.

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