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Tue Nov 6 20:52:15 UTC 2012

Hey there glad to hear back from you. Well I recently broke it off with my ex-bf but Im not really on a rebound I guess because it has been a coupla months. Now I'm perusing and wanna see who's on here and wanna keep it casual for the time being.

if thats something you're interested in 100% or not, some men say they're down but really aren't and some say they aren't but they are, but at least you understand where I stand with it.

I'd describe me as attractive, sassy, and a good sense of humor. Definitely searching on here for someone that isn't just shallow, since I'm not. I've got photos on this site if you wanna look.

I put my phone number on there as well, however its just one that I use for web stuff cuz I've had a few guys who would not stop bugging me in the past. It still forwards the any calls and text messages to my cell phone though.

If you like what you see and I'm your type, contact me. If not then best wishes!
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