Wheezy Speakup Installation Questions

Martin McCormick martin at x.it.okstate.edu
Mon Nov 19 15:16:46 UTC 2012

	I described building a wheezy system on a 16-G flash
drive and then cloning a couple of others with DD. There was no
speech and I asked if it should work.
Samuel Thibault wrote:
> It should. Please report the issue using the reportbug tool (or the
> debian-user list if you do not understand the reportbug tool).

	Over the weekend, I did some more tests. The two test
computers are both Dell desktops from around the year 2000. One
has a gigabyte of RAM and is a 600-MHZ Pentium so it should work
with those resources.

	The other is a 400-MHZ Pentium Dell Optiplex with only
386 Megs of RAM but it presently runs the old Vinux 2.0 well.

	The system with the gigabyte even has two sound cards
but both were totally mute on boot. The 400-MHZ system is also
mute when booting from the netinstall CD.

	I am kind of surprised as neither of these systems is
exotic. Both have the CS423X sound chip on the mother board but
the boot sequence appears to either not recognize the sound card
or cards or it is not setting the volume. I will file a report
as soon as I can describe the problem by something better than
"It's broken."

	Fortunately, I have the old Vinux disk image and can
interact with the system when running that.

	One thing I will try is to burn a newer testing
netinstall CD as I did see Wheezy has updated the console setup,
speakup and a few other things that are involved with the
startup processes that might effect the hardware discovery
regarding sound. The boot CD I have been using is from October


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