What is the best distro for my business manager?

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at shellworld.net
Sun Nov 25 17:13:24 UTC 2012

grml under these criteria is another distro to consider.  It's a security 
hardened version of debian.  Basic installation gets a command line 
interface and then the installers cn install the other parts needed on top 
of the command line interface.  Last time I checked grml was still being 
maintained.On Sun, 25 Nov 2012, Jason White wrote:

> John J. Boyer <blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> >I'm getting sick of dealing with Windows. My business manager is 
> >agreeable to a switch, using OpenOffice. What is the best Linux distro 
> >for someone who does mostly wordprocessing, online shopping, email and 
> >accounting?
> My suggestion would be to start with a good, well-maintained distribution such
> as Debian or Fedora, then install the desktop environment and applications of
> your choice. Others have already made suggestions in regard to those.
> If you want extra stability, then choose one of the "enterprise"
> distributions, or a derivative, or Debian stable or even Ubuntu LTS.
> I think it's better to start by choosing a desktop environment and
> applications, then a distribution based on its maintenance policy, packaging
> system and other features.
> I'd personally choose either Debian or Red Hat/Fedora, or maybe OpenSUSE/Suse
> (although I haven't had any experience with SUSE in any of its forms). They're
> the long-term players who have the most experience and expertise from the
> kernel level through to the application level.
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