vibe, a line-editor with vi-compatible keystrokes

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Fri Aug 2 01:05:25 UTC 2013

Tim Chase wrote:
> Upon playing with "stevie" it seems that it doesn't actually support
> "open mode", says it was last updated in 1988...

> but "elvis" (another vi clone) does.
>   bash$ elvis myfile.txt
>   :open
> or you can specify that you want to use open mode at the command-line:
>   bash$ elvis -G open myfile.txt
> which you can alias with
>   alias evi='elvis -G open'
> to make it easier.

Yup, that's nice, that's a serious candidate for vi users :-)
It does chew up screen-space, so if you need to copy-and-paste
anything into your file you'd better do that at the beginning
of the editing-session, and under yasr there is no key-echo
so you'd better touch-type well, but, yeah, it looks good.

vibe is now too far advanced for me to abandon it, but
elvis -G open is my default recommendation for ageing vi-users.

On debian, the package is
  aptitude install elvis-console

Thanks Tim,

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