Setting up an atjob.

Hart Larry chime at
Sun Jan 20 13:35:25 UTC 2013

Well Anders, I am quite happy to help on this one, as I have been struggling 
with form-and-context.   Many times from the office I would login to my home 
machine-and try-and-setup recording a stream during an upcoming News event. 
Exactly all commands must be right-and-in the correct order.  So first we have 
at 8:55am today
If the time would be right on an hour you would just type
at 8am today
OK, next you would type commands as if you were right there at your console,
mplayer /home/anders/alarm.wav
And lastly, you would hit a control+d to finish a job.
I hope I got all of this accurately for you-and-all of us

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