bookmark setting question?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue Jul 23 00:17:14 UTC 2013

On July 22, 2013, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> for those of you who use links as in a chain. While I had no issues
> setting the bookmark in regular lynx.  doing it in links the chain
> is a little more challenging. or perhaps the way I am doing it lol.
> Anyone ever set a bookmark using the program?

While I don't know if there are any peculiarities doing it under
shellworld, I can try and walk through it here using links-the-chain
that I have here on my local Debian box.

To bookmark a page, browse to the desired page and press
"s" (lowercase) to bring up the bookmark browser.  The commands on
this page can be switched between by pressing <tab>.  The
first/default command is "Goto" which, if you already had items
bookmarked, it would go to the bookmarked page.  The second is
"Folder" for creating a new folder to group your bookmarks.  The
third is "Add" to add a new bookmark (what you want to do).  The
remainder are "Edit", "Move", "Unselect All" and "Close".  From my
testing, you can also use the first letter of each of those commands
to select the desired action ("g", "f", "a", "e", "m", "u", or "c")

So you'd hit <tab> twice to move to the "Add" button and hit
<enter> to select it (or just hit "a").  It takes the bookmark name
from the <title> element of the page, and the URL from the page you're
currently on. So if they both look good, you can just hit <enter> to
accept the defaults.  If the site in question has a bunch of rubbish
in the title-bar making for an annoying link description, then go
ahead and change it before you hit <enter>.

Once you've got the item(s) bookmarked, you can tab 5 more times to
the "Close" button and hit <enter>.  Or just hit "c".

To open a previously-saved bookmark from the main links-the-chain
screen, again hit lowercase "s" to bring up the bookmark manager.
Navigate up/down to find the desired link you bookmarked and hit
<enter> (because by default the "Goto" button is selected) or hit "g".

If you've created folders, they can display as open (a "[-]" in front
of the folder name) or closed (a "[+]" in front of the folder name).
When the folder-name is highlighted, you should be able to use
<space> to toggle it open/closed (or "+" to open and "-" to close)

Bookmarks should be saved in ~/.links2/bookmarks.html which is a
straight-forward HTML file you can view with any other browser.  It
can be somewhat confusing that it appears that they stick in a couple
links by default (though having one of them pointing to the help is

You might also want to read up at [1] for the full details.



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