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Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Tue Jul 23 02:35:40 UTC 2013

Let me explain what i am only must be done once.
Because google has changed the way low graphics browsers access the basic 
HTML structure here:

I raised the issue with google's accessibility team.  In turn i was sent a 
link that when used in a low graphics browser like lynx the cat or links 
the chain once more produces the old basic html log in, or  my inbox if 
I have several gmail accounts, and prefer alternating between lynx and 
links depending upon my needs.
Since lynx the cat lets you bookmark links effortlessly, I had no issue 
setting a bookmark for the path in that browser.
links the chain is another matter.
I sent the email containing the link to myself, one of my non-google email 
accounts since I cannot reach gmail directly with links the chain.
I used in links the chain to reach this email, hoping that I 
could set the bookmark.  As pointed out though links does not focus on 
where your curcer is  sitting, but on the title bar.
I am not seeking to o what others have suggested.  just bookmark the link 
only once.
make more sense?

On Mon, 22 Jul 2013, Hart Larry wrote:

> Well Karen, in that case I would cut-and-paste that url, visit it with links 
> and then bookmark.  Obviously you could also have pine bringup links instead 
> of Lynx.  Maybe others will have better solutions.  I sometimes visit site in 
> links with an i  but menus are really involved, needing an escape press.
> Hart
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