Any Accurate O C R Programs in DOS I can run in Linux?

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Fri Jun 28 19:09:46 UTC 2013

Yeah, I typed in a paragraph to one of my messages and decided to delete 
it where I said I wish I had time to write a parallelized OCR program. I 
wish I was rich enough to retire. There are a lot of things I want to 

One good thing about linux though, I have a scanner manufactured around 
1995 or 1996. Someone just gave it to me for nothing because it wasn't 
supported by Windows XP. The scanner came with  a SCSI card you have to 
put in your PC. Linux still supports both the SCSI card and the scanner 
itself. The linux kernel still has a driver for the SCSI card and sane 
still has a driver for the scanner. Incredible.

On 06/28/13 12:41, Hart Larry wrote:
> OK, thanks All for your suggestions-and-analysis.  Some comments.  With
> Openbook I was accustomed to putting scanned materials vertical,
> including books, where both a left-and-right page would be scanned.
> Next, after spending lots of time examining:
> I cannot find a download for any Linux product.  Sure I notice mentions
> of these products, but no obvious place to grab a trial version or buy,
> in Lynx.
> And Dallas, earlier this week I tried scanning some mail, quite a
> disaster-and-I rotated, flipped over maybe 8times.
> So John, you are quite correct, that going back to 1994 when I scanned
> my first book, I never had trouble like this, orrienting.  I sure hope
> if I can ever try Abbyy, it may be more intuative.  Supposedly Vivadata
> may have products for Linux?
> Certainly, yes, a completely Linux scanning solution would seem to be
> better.
> And Dalls, sure Tesseract did well on those images, whether they were
> 1962 Gardian stories or for RapidShare, as they were from files-and-no
> my `blindly holding an item on a glass.
> And lastly, an unrelated question for Willum, anything new with your DAE
> project?
> Thanks in advance
> Hart
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