emacx as a browser?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sun Jun 30 18:58:03 UTC 2013

Sure Karen, as far as listing packages, maybe some1 else has a more perfect 
way?  Depending on which shell you are useing, switch to bash by typing bash
then hit escape 4times.  It will ask you if you want to see {will tell you how 
many packages}  Unfortunately that list ins in an inconvenient style, columned 
funny.  OK, just switched to bash on shellworld, had to hit escape maybe 
6times, asks if I want to display all 7491 posibilities?  I said no.  On my 
hard-drive it says 5736 posibilities, but again it was 6times.  I think there 
actually may be a command to read that list?  Also Karen, depending on which 
Debian distrobution they are running, you yourself can visit
and look around in a catagory style list
Hope that will help alot

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