just how much can you do with?

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Sat Mar 2 20:51:16 UTC 2013

Thanks so-far to Tim-and-Kyle:  Meanwhile Kyle, I tried a couple of info 
lookups-and-I get an impression that its mostly designed around EmacsSpeak.  If 
there's no info matching what I type, it says so, but then shows all valid 
infos, I tried info locate.  Honestly not alot better than our earlier 
Its also funny, I can type
info trplayer
I would love to get trplayer working but I would either need much older 
libraries, or have some1 re-write the program.  Thanks--and-Kyle, I am so glad 
you understand about asumtions.
And yes Tim, here in tcsh I have some aliases to replicate DOS
alias type 'less'
Also have time aliased to a date function.

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