just how much can you do with?

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Sun Mar 3 00:54:04 UTC 2013

I don't think linux is harder to learn than Windows. The one problem with linux is that the screen reader for the linux graphical user interface, orca, isn't as good as jaws. But orca works fine in a terminal window, as good as jaws for DOS. 

But I had to switch from unix to Windows when I went blind because there was no decent screen reader for unix and linux was just coming out. When I had to switch from unix to Windows I thought Windows was ridiculous. What do you mean I can't type man whatever to figureout what I have to do? I have to click all these buttons, how am I supposed to know where they are? I mean, think about it. If you want to rename a file in Windows, you have to know what to click on to make that happen. And there's no man page to tell you to right mose click and select rename. You'll never guess that. 

I am not really an expert but I'm pretty sure orca isn't as good as jaws. I think that's the main problem. I think if you can see, linux is as good as Windows and better in many ways. It is a shame wat Oracle did to orca. There were a bunch of people working on orca full time at Sun Microsystems. Then when Oracle bought Sun, they fired them all. Sun was working on orca in hopes of getting Sun machines into public institutions like high schools and colleges. That's the reason Apple developed voiceover. But Oracle just said to hech with that.

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