some bees nest stirring, was just how much can you do with?

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Mon Mar 4 20:01:54 UTC 2013

On March  4, 2013, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> ...You are avoiding the dos ports question councilor.

If you have all the tools you need, and you've never needed the
ability to multitask with them, then there's not much cause to
change.  However...

> I personally have never in all my years of  computing needed to do 
> anything like the below.
> I have  two hands and two ears, and believe each task deserves my 
> full attention.

Having used both single-tasking and multi-tasking operating systems,
I could never go back to a single-tasking OS on a long-term basis.
With a web browser, I might want to start a large download and then
let it run in the background while I check email or write a
document.  With email/IM open in the background, I can be browsing
but get notified when I receive a new message.  While you can play a
CD in DOS, you can play MP3s or network streams in Linux in the
background (I don't recall the ability to play MP3s or network
streams in the background in DOS, though feel free to correct me if
that's something you can do).

Or, I might be browsing the web in the middle of a document and
remember that I need to email somebody about something so I can just
switch over to the email, send what I need to, then return right to
where I left off in my browsing.

You certainly *can* single-task on Linux, but I suspect that once you
taste the power of multi-tasking, you won't want to go back either.


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