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Mon Mar 4 21:16:41 UTC 2013

Multi-processing isn't just for end users. The vast majority of 
multi-processing is done by your programs without your even knowing it. 
For example, if you open a web page, your browser is going to start 
several download processes at once if there are several images on the 
page. A better example might be a mail program. While you're composing a 
mail message, it's checking for new messages. When you get done 
composing the message any messages sent to you while you worked are 
already in your inbox.  In fact, many apps go beyond multi-processing to 
parallel processing. A browser might not just start downloading several 
images at a time, it might have several different processes to handle 
different parts of each image.

On 3/4/2013 3:03 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well Karen, first, thank you, you probably inspired a most
> exciting-and-useful group of discussions in a long history of these lists.
> Now, about your basic question here, in this day-and-age since bandwidth
> and file sizes are larger, it sure make life easier to muti-task.  As an
> example, I have 23 consoles in Linux.  Console 1 I am constantly on
> Shellworld, while console 13 sits in my news videos directory-and-I may
> be downloading a large speech from get_flash_videos.  While I can switch
> over to console 4 and play from a large collection of mp3s.  On console
> 23 I would be watching or recording a newscast from Aljazeera.  I
> remember many years ago in pure DOS with a dialup, uploading a 59MB file
> which took 11hours.  I could do anything with the machine for all that
> time.  Likewise I wouldn't go back, but also like the chance to run DOS
> in Linux.  I have a homepage creating program which only runs in DOS, so
> I have the best of both worlds.
> In addition, I haven't mentioned even longer actions such as downloading
> bittorrents or grabbing files in trn on usenet.
> And with now 4sound-cards I have even more options.
> Thanks again
> Hart
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