Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Mar 7 08:40:29 UTC 2013

Just as an aside, as I understand it, Lillypond is a typesetting system for 
music, meaning that you would have to use a text editor to create the 
initial input for Lillypond.  In other words, a word processor wouldn't work 
anyway because Lillypond needs plain text with typesetting codes.  I must 
emphasize that I don't use it, but it was installed here at one time and I'm 
vaguely familiar with it.  This is the case with most console programs of 
this type, such as grep and other typesetting tools.  They generally don't 
read word processor formats and require plain text or text with markup.

On 3/6/2013 1:42 PM, Jason White wrote:
> Jude DaShiell<blinux-list at>  wrote:
>> I can do sudo apt-cache search "word processor" | more and come up with a
>> list of word processors in debian at least.
> And it's best not to use word processors in a Linux environment. Instead, use
> a text editor of your choice and write your documents in a markup language
> such as LaTeX, Emacs org-mode, Docbook, etc. I prefer LaTeX. This has been
> discussed on the list before so I won't recapitulate the issues involved.

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