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Actually, Red Hat and Fedora are two different things.  RHEL is Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux and is the commercial version.  Fedora is the community 
version with six month release cycles.  Red Hat has made it very clear that 
they have no plans to provide any kind of accessibility.  Since the NFB 
likes to sue companies (yes, I was formerly part of them and I know what I'm 
talking about) they should sue Red Hat due to their complete lack of 
willingness to even include Speakup in the standard kernel.  There was/is a 
site called Speakup Modified which was just for Fedora, but I don't know how 
current it is.  I should add that Speakup is in 
staging, so if Fedora includes staging drivers, Speakup would now be 
included, but I'm pretty sure that RHEL uses a custom kernel without Speakup 

On 3/7/2013 6:14 AM, Doug Smith wrote:
> I haven't used Red Hat, now referred to as fedora, since version 6.2.  I don't know anything about it.  Ubuntu works as well.
> Hope this helps.

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