Just an intro.

Dan Rossi dr25 at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Mar 23 02:43:24 UTC 2013


Just an introduction here.  I've actually been a member of this list for 
years, but rarely read it.  I work on linux every day, five days a week, 
and 7 days when I am on call, but I access my machines via a Windows box 
and ssh.  I've never done a linux install and know very little about 
installing packages, or any of the screen readers.  I'm trying to collect 
info on which distro to start with.  I expect I will go with arch or 
debian as I have decided that I need to use the 30 to 45 minutes a day of 
free time that I have, and so I purchased a Raspberry Pi as well as an 
Arduino starter kit.

I figure that I might as well get my Windows box set up as a dual boot, or 
consider a virtual linux box on there for fun as well.  I do run cygwin on 
my windows boxes just to help with certain tasks.

Nice to see a lot of familiar names still in the arena.  I'll start asking 
questions once I have reasonably intelligent questions to ask.

Blue skies.
Dan Rossi
Senior Oracle Database Administrator
Carnegie Mellon University.
E-Mail:	dr25 at andrew.cmu.edu
Tel:	(412) 268-9081

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