a bit offtopic but i can't find any other list.

John G. Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 21 18:31:45 UTC 2013

You should think about making the subject line of your messages a little more meaningful. I almost skipped over it.

Which version of the operating system are you using? This problem was supposedly fixed for snow leopard. I had the same problem when I was running the previous version, leopard, but it went away when I upgraded to snow leopard and  haven't had it since. 

Also, there is a pretty good list for blind Mac users on freelists.org. I think you can probably subscribe by sending a message to mac4theblind-request at freelists.org. If  you are ever looking for a list, do a search on freelists.org. That is a really good place to find a list on just about any topic but especially technical topics.

On Oct 20, 2013, at 12:35 PM, Anders Holmberg wrote:

> Hi!
> I have a mac mini and when using this without a screen it goes very slow.
> It takes forever to load things.
> So i am wondering if there are dummy drivers for unix systems that tells the system that it has a screen even if it doesn't.
> /A
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