Accessible Bootable Clonezilla?

Al Puzzuoli alpuzz at
Wed Aug 6 02:50:45 UTC 2014

I burned a physical CD, and actually got the image working on an old 
beater box of a laptop, a Tecra 8000 with 256 megs of ram. I'm 
resurrecting it as an old Windows 98 / dos machine, mostly for nostalgic 
/gaming purposes, and wanted a way to take an image of the HD. Looks 
like Talking Arch and Clonezilla will work nicely. The funny thing is 
professionally, I'll also use this on the opposite end of the spectrum. 
We're  getting a bunch of new Dell Optiplex 9030 machines with UEFI and 
GPT partitions. so I think I'm going to get to know Clonezilla quite well.

On 8/5/2014 9:15 PM, Kyle wrote:
> I know there have been problems reported with sound on VMWare, and the
> issue doesn't appear to be limited to a single distro. As I don't have
> VMWare Workstation, I'm not able to help with troubleshooting, although
> I have read that there is something that can be done to make the sound
> work correctly. I have personally tested TalkingArch isos on physical
> hardware, as well as on qemu with kvm enabled and on VirtualBox. In all
> cases it works, so I'm thinking that the VMWare problem is related to
> the virtual sound card itself or how it communicates with the host sound
> card rather than a problem with the Arch Linux driver. There is some
> kind of setting needed on the virtual sound device as I recall.
> One thing I found in a Google search mentions emulation of a
> Soundblaster 16 compatible sound device, which is problematic on most
> guest operating systems. As I recall, your virtual sound card should be
> emulating an Ensonic Audio device, I believe it's es1370 or es1371. Be
> sure that you have a setting like this, as it works quite well in most
> virtualization software from my own experience, and guest OS's really
> like it. Hope this helps.
> ~Kyle

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