Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Aug 12 17:51:58 UTC 2014

This was directly from itself.  I download the files and 
transmission-cli starts seeding.  So, I go into 
slackware64-install-dvd-iso directory and run md5sum and gpg on the iso to 
check it out.
md5sum --check --status *.md5;echo $? returns 1, and gpg --verify *.asc 
*.iso returns bad signature.  Near as I can figure transmission-cli 
succeeded on verification with encrypted sites required and started 
seeding since somewhere along the way all those piece hashes and the 
torrent's indirect contents got corrupted.  Since was the 
original source, it stands to reason that sometime after release of that 
torrent the torrent on that site and all other sites offering that torrent 
got corrupted later.  The file once burnt to a dvd also fails to bring up 
a hardware speech synthesizer I have talking when booted.  So this tells 
me corruption was done on the source files the torrent downloads rather 
than the md5 file itself or slackware's gpg key.
Can anyone else confirm this as a bad download?  My reason for asking is 
that the internet provider may be interfering with bittorrent downloads or 
may not and information would help either prove or clear that speculation 

jude <jdashiel at>

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