debian podcasting from command line

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sat Feb 1 03:00:05 UTC 2014

I'm not sure of a single program that will be available on Debian that
can record live to an mp3 file. However, try something like

rec -q -r 44100 -b 16 -t wav - | lame --quiet -b 128 - somefile.mp3

YOu can of course change the bitrate of the mp3 or the sample rate of
the recorded input as needed. You can also stuff this command into an
alias or shell script to make the command line just a bit more
manageable. Something like

----- Begin cut -----
# This simple script will record live mic input to the mp3 file
# specified on the command line

usage() {
  echo Usage:
  echo $0 \<mp3-file\>
  echo This script records the specified mp3 file from live input
  echo Press control-c to stop the recording
  exit 1

test $1 || usage
echo Recording to mp3 file $1. Press control-c to stop.
rec -q -r 44100 -b 16 -t wav - | lame --quiet -b 128 - $1
----- End cut -----

should do what you want when saved as /usr/local/bin/mp3rec. You could
then run

mp3rec podcast.mp3

and the recording will run until you press control-c. You can of course
edit the options in the script to your liking. I just kinda banged that
out quickly, without any regard for the desire to set the bitrate or
anything else. Just a quickscript <smiles>. Hope it helps.
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