debian podcasting from command line

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Feb 1 03:43:34 UTC 2014

Well, one of our Debian Linux experts in our local LUG, who I think is on this 
list, well, Dallas wrote me this script. We call it "strm2mp3"
So for example when I wanted to record France24 during State of the Union, I 
would type:
strm2mp3 `cat france24` 
In the small file of france24  I have an url.  Now hopefully Dallas won't mind 
my sharing this following 20lines.

YOURFIFO="/tmp/${RANDOM}.fifo"  ;
while    [ -e "${YOURFIFO}" ]
   YOURFIFO="/tmp/${RANDOM}.fifo"  ;
done  ;

mkfifo "${YOURFIFO}"  ;

#  ( lame --quiet  -q 2 -V 4 "${YOURFIFO}" "${2}" ; rm -f  "${YOURFIFO}" )  &

( sox -q  -t wav  "${YOURFIFO}"   -t wavpcm  -s -  | \
    lame --quiet  -q 2 -V 4 - "${2}" ; rm -f  "${YOURFIFO}" )  &

mplayer -nocache  -ao pcm:fast:file="${YOURFIFO}" -vc null -vo null  "${1}" 
Back again live, Dallas also made a similar which I can rip Firefox type 
streams, which maybe one of us will post at a later time. Hope that helps.

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