youtube direct urls

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Fri Jul 25 12:35:02 UTC 2014

On July 25, 2014, Brian Tew wrote:
> do yall know a way to get the direct urls to youtube videos?
> my youtube-dl has quit working and is resisting all efforts at
> resuscitation.

I've found that the youtube-dl in repos (whether Debian or Ubuntu) is
*always* horribly out-of-date.  I just installed my copy from git:

  mkdir ~/bin
  cd ~/bin
  git clone
  echo export PATH=$HOME/bin/youtube-dl:$PATH >> .bashrc

then whenever things break, my first line of defense is

  cd ~/bin
  git pull
  git reset --hard HEAD

which seems to get me what I need.

Youtube changes their stuff frequently enough in ways that break
youtube-dl that this is the only program I run directly from source.


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