telecom devic for deaf in linux?

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Mon Nov 24 03:34:29 UTC 2014

Shooting from the hip, backed mostly by a little google-searching, it
sounds like you have a couple options, but you'd need to know some
specifics.  As I understand it, the easiest way is to have an
existing TTY machine/hardware locally and then connect it to a Linux
box running Asterisk which can then use either a "POTS" ("plain old
telephone system") line or a VoIP provider (with caveats about the
compression protocols that can be used since certain compression
protocols mung the baudot data).  To configure Asterisk, you'd also
need to know the target audience since apparently the US uses a
45.5-baud encoding while the rest of the world uses a 50-baud
encoding.  The most helpful page I found was

As best I can tell, I don't think there's an Asterisk gateway that
would allow you to use your local Linux PC like a chat-client (with
full keyboard access) but it sounds like one could code up something
like that as an Asterisk plugin.


On November 23, 2014, Brian Tew wrote:
> Hey yall,
> I'm wondering if there is a way to make my linux machine talk with
> these tdd numbers for deaf people. My ears are about shot now.
> This seems like something that should exist.
> apt-cache search has no results for deaf or baudot.
> Nothing for tdd except some testing programs.
> I would appreciate any info or leads to possible sources of info.
> Thanks.
> Brian Tew
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