more about telecom devices for deaf in linux

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Mon Nov 24 03:52:28 UTC 2014

Sorry that last message was a little scatter-shot.  It would help to
know what parts you have in motion:

- is your carrier a traditional phone service or do you have/want a
  VoIP (voice-over-IP, that is internet-based) provider?

- Do you have existing TTY hardware you want to integrate and send
  messages via your Linux box, or do you want to use your Linux box
  as an interface to do your typing/reading?

Because I did see some other discussions about creating a simple box
(under $10 in parts, I'd guess) that would allow you to hook your
sound-card up to the regular phone-system which would let you (or
someone else) read and write sounds to that line.

Another link you might find interesting:

Hope some of this gives you what you need or at least points you in a
helpful direction,


On November 23, 2014, Brian Tew wrote:
> Hey yall,
> I'm wondering if there is a way to make my linux machine talk with
> these tdd numbers for deaf people. My ears are about shot now.
> This seems like something that should exist.
> apt-cache search has no results for deaf or baudot.
> Nothing for tdd except some testing programs.
> I would appreciate any info or leads to possible sources of info.
> Thanks.
> Brian Tew
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