telecom devic for deaf in linux?

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Wed Nov 26 16:54:39 UTC 2014


I've never found baud ot capable software, though it's been years since
I looked for it.

What worked for me, years ago, was a modem that was baud ot capable.
This was many years ago when getting on line meant dialing a modem, e.g.

The hardware modem accepted standard telecom at 300 over a serial port,
and translated to baud ot. It worked very well.

I wonder whether there might be something like that in hardware today?
 A quick Google search for "baud ot modem" turned up the following:

No idea whether it's still sold, but should work with minicom, imo.



Brian Tew writes:
> Hey yall,
> I'm wondering if there is a way to make my linux machine talk with these tdd numbers for deaf people.
> My ears are about shot now.
> This seems like something that should exist.
> apt-cache search has no results for deaf or baudot.
> Nothing for tdd except some testing programs.
> I would appreciate any info or leads to possible sources of info.
> Thanks.
> Brian Tew
> Try the website for grafiti artists:
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