Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sat Sep 13 22:20:24 UTC 2014

On September 13, 2014, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> Do any web-based revision control systems run without requiring
> javascript enabled?  I just ran into a bug with youtube-dl and
> can't even sign up or sign in to github without javascript
> enabled.  

Well, there's git, there's Github, and there are other
version-control systems.  Git is completely accessible from the
command-line.  I use it regularly and have quite come to enjoy it.
That said, Github is its own ecosystem with additional areas such as
issue-tracking and other thing like pages.  There's a separate
command-line interface

that can be used to make Github more accessible.  I believe that any
sub-commands that "hub" doesn't use get handed off to git, so you can
use it as a "git" command-line replacement.

I haven't tried using Bitbucket with lynx, but that might be another
alternative, though if youtube-dl lives on Github, you may have to
meet them there with "hub".

If you do want a web-based version-control system that is a bit more
accessible, you might want to check out Fossil at

which has built-in bug-tracking, a wiki, and web-interface which has
been pretty accessible from Lynx in my meager testing.  The guy who
made Fossil is the author of sqlite so it's pretty robust software,
and if there are javascript accessibility issues, I suspect he'd be
pretty open to fixing the problems to aid in accessibility.

I hope this helps,


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