curse you ncurses

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Wed Sep 24 23:21:20 UTC 2014

On September 24, 2014, Brian Tew wrote:
> Still, some of the programs you listed are unfamiliar to me.

If you have any questions on them, I'd be glad to exposit on any of
them.  Had I paid attention to your mail headers, I would have
noticed that you're already using "mailx" to manage your mail.  If
it's meeting your needs, then cool.  If you find yourself hitting
limits of what you can do vs. what you want to do, you might
investigate "nmh" which is actually a family of command-line tools,
so you can use any command-line programs you already use on your

> Thanks for your very thoughtful reply.

As you can tell, I enjoy helping (though I tend to be a bit prolix),
so if you have any more questions, fire away.


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