Nano 2.4.0 problem

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Sun Apr 26 17:33:59 UTC 2015

On April 26, 2015, Tony Baechler wrote:
> When I enter text, it repeats everything on the screen.  For
> example, if I have a bit of text like the following:

Does using Meta+Y (in most environments, that's the same as Alt+Y)
clear up matters? That should be the "toggle syntax coloring on/off"
command.  If it does, then I suspect that the syntax coloring is
redrawing something when it shouldn't need to.

Alternatively, you might try launching it with something like either

  $ TERM=vt100 nano somefile.txt


  $ TERM=dumb nano somefile.txt

If not, then there might be something else going on and I'd have to
do a bit more testing.


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