changing soundcards

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Aug 11 09:36:22 UTC 2015

As usual, Jude, you're spreading misinformation again.  I speak from 
experience with a USB sound device.  After you get your mixer settings the 
way you want, run this:

alsactl store

By default, Debian disables the USB sound card if it's the only sound card 
in the system.  You simply comment out the line in the ALSA configuration (I 
think /etc/alsa.conf but I'm not positive) and the problem is fixed.  No, 
your selections aren't lost when you reboot and yes, it will use the USB 
sound card by default once the line disabling it is commented or removed.

On 8/10/2015 3:22 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> read up on amixer.  You can probably select a usb sound card, but your
> selection will be canceled with the next reboot.
> I had this happen while trying to use usb speakers earlier.
> It doesn't matter what is stored in alsa configuration files like
> asound.state the cancelation of your selection happens anyway.

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