is ubuntu good?

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On 8/18/2015 4:12 PM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> Hi.
> Ok, how easy is it to install Another desktop on my debian system?

Not hard, but I wouldn't suggest it.  For some reason, unless you install X 
and a graphical desktop environment at the time you install the rest of 
Debian, accessibility packages aren't installed.  Hopefully this bug will 
get fixed or maybe it already has been and I'm unaware of it.  I found this 
out the hard way.  Assuming you chose to install X when you did the rest of 
the installation, you could install a metapackage for the desktop you want, 
like so:

apt-get -q install mate-desktop-environment

> I've tried and tried with this ubuntu installations, and I finally
> give up I Think.

Please don't give up.  Try joining the ubuntu-accessibility list.  If you're 
hitting a bug, it won't get fixed if you give up.  People need to know about 
it.  Even if you are doing something wrong and have not found a bug, 
obviously the instructions are not clear or you wouldn't have the problem, 
so it's still worth bringing to the attention of the Ubuntu accessibility 
team.  I can tell you that they really don't know how accessible or not 
things are unless you tell them.  Just read their blog posts sometimes. 
Very few people actually report accessibility problems in most cases. 
Remember that they do not use a screen reader on a daily basis and have no 
idea how accessibility is supposed to work.

> I can come to the Place where it asks how I want to install ubuntu,
> just remove the disk, or install beside the other operating systems.
> Then I'm stuck.

Try selecting "something else."  That lets you pick what partition to use, 
how to format it and if you want to resize an existing partition.  I tried 
the first option, alongside an existing operating system and it didn't work 
for me.  More specifically, it wasn't going to install where I wanted it, so 
I had to do it by hand.  I should mention that I have three operating 
systems installed here, two of which are Linux.

> Those of you who installed ubuntu. Did you get sighted help?

No.  I refuse to install a free operating system with sighted help.  I 
should have the right to install it the same way a sighted person would.

> /Kristoffer
> 2015-08-17 11:32 GMT+02:00, Kristoffer Gustafsson <kg.kristoffer at>:
>> Hi.
>> I've found ubuntu.
>> Is that good?
>> It seems to be easier with orca.
>> Can I use Everything with that? speakup, brltty and such nice things.
>> /Kristoffer
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