Sighted help

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Thu Aug 20 20:54:02 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Anders" == Anders Holmberg <anders at> writes:
    >> screen so I need speech, but I should not need to ask someone to
    >> literally look over my shoulder to install an operating system on
    >> my computer.  That, to me, is a dignity issue.  How many sighted
    >> people do you know who would ask someone to do the same?  Not
    >> many.  They would either give up or complain.  

I'm all for making OSes easier to install for the blind.
However, after the number of hours I've spent helping sighted folks
install Windows, Mac, Linux, you name it, if I need to go ask someone
for a bit of help on a OS install, well, I've earned it.

Sorry, but I've run into a lot of sighted people who I've sat there
walking through all sorts of installs.
It happens, we help each other out.
Dignity is within; you can't take mine away no matter how many times you
help me watch the pattern of blinking lights or read the screen.

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