a *very* odd question especially for me.

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Fri Jul 24 01:34:00 UTC 2015

Greetings.   Joel Roth wrote:

> You can record and play music easily enough, however even if
> you record your music as MIDI, it's not simple to transform
> it into Lilypond code. ...
> There are other notation languages for Linux,

Like muscript, for example :-)
with its associated midi2muscript utility:

It should be possible to convert muscript into MusicXML
and thence into lilypond.

> however the problems in converting MIDI files to a score will be
> similar. ... I see comments that it's a lot of trouble to the point
> that it's easier to input manually.

Yeah, mostly true, if that's an option;
but sometimes the input is an improvisation.
It's very cheap and easy in MIDI to improvise for an hour,
record it, and then select the best minute to use in some score...

MIDI-to-score is not too bad, relatively easy to tidy up; but it's
still usually not practical to convert an _audio_ recording into
score form algorithmically, especially with several instruments.
You can try the aubio toolkit: aubionotes, aubioonset, aubiopitch,
aubiotrack and so on.  On debian that's the aubio-tools package.

Regards,  Peter Billam

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