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Joel Roth joelz at
Wed Jul 29 09:19:25 UTC 2015

Hart Larry wrote:
> OK Janina, as far as normalizing, please consider "mp3gain" which you alter
> levels of an mp3, but in most cases there are no equivalant programs to
> change audio levels in an mp4 or many other video formats. And as far as an
> mp3editor, well Chuck's edway is a converter, but there was another one
> which had these ellavators, did not seem to be something where I could just
> arrow through sound-and-turn on-and-off blocks as you would in a word
> processor Thanks for inquiring

Hi Hart,

If you can extract the audio track, edit it and replace it,
there are many applications in Linux, including terminal
friendly ones than can perform such transformations as
muting the audio of a number of regions.

Maybe that is awkward compared to a GUI video editing
software that lets you mute regions directly, but
is usable.


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