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Tim Chase blinux.list at
Wed Jul 29 15:34:15 UTC 2015

On July 29, 2015, Hart Larry wrote:
> /home/chime/util/homepage.exe
> So far an only way of running this would be in DosEmu, although I
> suppose dosbox could, but it would be nice to run as an alias. This
> homepage creator is an only one I know of which prompts for all
> info. 

While I don't know what homepage.exe gives you, I recently switched
to using "Nikola" to generate my website.  It's got a lot of powerful
functionality including tagging and indexing, and when you create a
new post or page ("nikola new_post" or "nikola new_page"), it prompts
you for some basic information. You can then edit the resulting
content (including metadata like tags and categories) in your favorite
text-editor.  Once satisfied, you can then run "nikola build", then
push it up to your web-site with whatever deployment method they
support (I use rsync over SSH).  It's free/open-source and written in
Python, so I've even hacked on it a bit under the hood.  It's
available in my Debian repository ("sudo apt-get install nikola") or
you can pull down the source from (I run from
the git version).

Mike Ray recently switched the "Raspberry VI" site (for
blind/low-vision users of the Raspberry Pi") over to running on
Nikola and reports a good experience.


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