Nano 2.4.0 problem

Tony Baechler tony at
Sun Jun 7 09:00:11 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Well, it seems that my Nano problems got worse instead of better, so I'm
probably going to ditch Nano and look for a different editor.  I'll post
here when or if I find what I'm looking for.  I really like NE, but the
backspace doesn't work and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix it.

Anyway, Debian Testing has now upgraded Nano from 2.4.0 to 2.4.1 and it
segfaults when I try to open a file.  For example, running nano by itself
works fine, but passing a file on the command line, like this:

nano test

generates a segmentation fault and bombs.  Interestingly, nano-tiny works
fine.  I don't know why, but nano-tiny also doesn't repeat everything on the
screen when I enter a character and seems to be more like the 2.2.6 behavior.

Therefore, I have three choices as I see it:

1. Go back to Nano 2.2.6 and be forever behind Debian and eventually
everyone else.

2. Upgrade to nano-tiny 2.4.1 and hope I don't need the fully featured
version of Nano.

3. Ditch Nano entirely.  I'm leaning more and more toward the later.  Does
anyone here have any suggestions?  Please don't suggest vi, emacs and
clones.  I'm not interested in either one of those and there are lots of
clones of both if I want to go that route.

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