Cheryl Homiak cah4110 at
Sat May 16 13:43:58 UTC 2015

Hi all.

Maybe I should send this to a Debian list but I'm not subscribed to any at the moment and I know this has also happened in ubuntu and maybe in other dists of linux. I had an absolutely wonderful script I found online for pairing bluetooth keyboards from the command line. But I find that in debian 8 this script no longer works because files such as bluez-test-input are no longer a part of the package. Does anybody know if there's a way I can install these or is there another script out there that works with the latest stable debian? I tried entering the squeeze line in sources.list and downloading the related bluez packages that way but I still don't have the tools I need. I have some keyboards that never seemed to manage to pair and stay paired with other methods of pairing so this is really causing me inconvenience. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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