Reading Kindle books on Linux

Sam Hartman hartmans at
Tue Sep 15 13:44:26 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Karen" == Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> writes:

    Karen> of course the simple solution is to tell Amazon, who must
    Karen> make their products accessible, to create a Kindle
    Karen> application for Linux.  

See, this is 100% bogus.
Amazon needs to make their service accessible.
They don't need to make it accessible on command-line Linux.

Kindle's accessibility is now ironically the best accessible book
reading app for Android I've found.   better than  Google Play Books;
far better than Go Read (the Bookshare app).
My understanding is that the accessibility of the stand-alone Kindle
devices is reasonable, and their Apple accessibility has been good for a

I just tried Amazon Cloud Reader on debian using Iceweasel and it worked
fine once it loaded even for a DRM-protected book.  Cloud Reader on Chromium seems like it kind of
wants to work but I can't get to the text of the book.
I didn't install the Chrome Store app though.

I appreciate that you want to use the command line.  However, that's
your choice, and has nothing to do with your accessibility needs.
That choice is what is limiting you here.

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