Monitoring Trafic through a Gateway?

Hart Larry chime at
Fri Apr 1 14:07:21 UTC 2016

Thanks Kelly: Yes it is ethernet, no I have not changed out any physical items 
in this machine, which has been running consecutively now 154days. No I do not 
seem to have a static IP, as we have had to setup those services which find me, 
if others need to login.
And as far as probably your most important question, gradually over the several 
weeks-and-months before this happened, I upgraded most packages from testing to 
/sid. Also, I had purchased a Victor Stream, got it on a Monday. All was 
reasonable until a Thursday evening when the VR Stream stopped connecting. After 
that wireless was quite spriatic. Eventually I had AT&T come out, they replaced 
the Gateway, next visit replaced a DVR, which they say burned out. So since I 
really couldn't get to hardly any of the recordings on the box, I eventually 
lost thousands of hours of items recorded over nearly 3years. And even if an 
Apple TV is connected through ethernet, it still won't work while the desktop is 
connected. And I've tried closing out some items running, that did seem to 
briefly help. I certainly could not post a 200line list of what I get when 
running "ps -A" but I could either send it your way, or even post on my web-site 
here on Shellworld.
Thanks so much in advance for your analysis

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