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Hi, John:

I've recently moved from Fedora to Arch. My reason is that rpmfusion had
stopped building the kernel staging modules required for Speakup. As you
don't need Speakup, that wouldn't be a concern to you. Aside from that
Fedora is essentially updatable just like Debian and Arch. I used yum,
and more recently dnf to take myself from Fedora 19 to 20, to 21, etc.,
without ever reinstalling. I did run into issues once over tex files
where an upgrade path wasn't well defined, but I was able to handle
those readily.

I am generally well pleased with my Arch installation--now on two
machines.  You need to know that you can have braille support during an
Arch installation. Look at:

If you do go for Arch, I strongly recommend following the Arch
Beginner's Guide, which I found very helpful even though I've been a
Linux user for a couple decades:'_guide



John J. Boyer writes:
> That is the latest stable version of Debian? I am curently using Jessie.
> I like the idea of ArchLinux, because it never requires re-installation. 
> Why don't the other distros take a similar approach? However, i don't 
> want to start with the bare-bones installation that is downloadable. I 
> would like one that includes brltty, internet access and the package 
> manager.
> Thanks,
> John
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