Concerning Debian and ArchLinux

Christian Schoepplein chris at
Tue Aug 2 09:37:55 UTC 2016


On Di, Aug 02, 2016 at 06:07:00 +1000, Peter Billam wrote:
>> Devuan, a derivative of debian Jessie, is available as 
>> a minimal live image with beep, brltty, espeak, espeakup, yasr 
>It seems like years I've been waiting for this ! 
>And from the package-list it looks like there's alsa but no pulse. 

You're right, pulse sucks, but here it is working since months with 
speech-dispatcher, orca and in parallel with a console screen reader 
( without problems. You have to make sure, that pulse is 
running as root user, which is not wanted and a bad hack, but then 
everything is fine.



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