l i n k s and the send user agent.

Tim Chase blinux.list at thechases.com
Sun Aug 14 00:47:35 UTC 2016

On August  4, 2016, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> There are times when l i n k s or even e-l i n k s  proves a better 
> browser choice.
> Does anyone know how to  impact the user agent in these browsers?

While it's buried deep in l i n k s, it's there.  Hit <esc> and go to
"Setup", "Network Options", "HTTP options", "Header options", and fill
in your desired value under the "Fake User-Agent".  Then "OK", "OK",
"OK" to get back to your browsing session.  If you want to make it
persist, then hit <esc> and go back to "Setup", "Save options".  This
will generate a ~.links/links.cfg file which, among other things,
will contain a line like

  fake_useragent "Faked User Agent String Here"

There are a bunch of options buried in those "Setup" options that
allow you to control all manner of settings.


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