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MENGUAL Jean-Philippe mengualjeanphi at
Thu Aug 25 06:28:24 UTC 2016


We've started the Hypra project for more than a year. Thanks for your
support so far!

Dialog with people enabled us to establish a better introduction of what
we provide noawaday. As usual, all we do is based on free software,
except OCR and speech synth.

But for people who needs a up-to-date system, a simple and safe system,
a stable system in the duration, not-exclusive system, maybe they can be
interested. People who want to try GNU/Linux for privacy and freedom
will find a way to do it, with support and without need to learn a new
system (shortcuts are similar as Windows and Jaws/NVDA). Organizations
who migrate to GNU/Linux will be able to include disab;ed people in the
migration plan.

The new website is so more clear, and introduces what we do now:
- OCR: a unlimited OCR for GNU/Linux, based on Abbyy FineReader
- Soon, speech synth

Finally, we highlight better the Debian DUDs that people with a low
bandwish will like.

For future projects:
- maybe a devroom to try avoiding future accessibility regressions;
- work with LibreOffice to do it and fix accessibility issues;
- dev on low-visual impaired solu at ions
- improvement of MATE design

and so on, according to our success.

Any feedback is welcome, optionally in private to avoid spam here.

Best regards,


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

HYPRA, progressons ensemble

Tél.: 01 84 73 06 61
Mail: contact at

Site Web:

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